Red Voices of India is a platform created on the initiative of the International Red Help to give an access to numerous informations about popular struggles in India.

While being aware of the existence of many others sources of information on the Internet, on this specific website, we wish to focus on popular struggles, the struggles of women, of local aboriginal minorities, of the people’s war prisoners as well as on the workers struggles. Our main aim is to propose an opening towards the realities of a country unknown in Europe for its populations resistance and revolutionary struggles against capitalism, feudalism, patriarchy and all forms of oppression.

These last few years, we built a strong network of contacts with local activists. It is with their collaboration that this website is daily fed. Thanks to their contacts with lawyers, their visits to prisoners and the campaigns they lead on the field, they can provide us with leading informations. With their support, we work on specific elements to help understanding the present situation, be it statistics, historical datas, etc. and put them together in the forms of sections.

Finally, we also wish to make this website available to everyone. This is why we work on its multilingualism. In the long term, we would like to offer the maximum amount of information in French, English, Italian and German, even if our present resources do not allow us to publish all our informations into the four languages. If you want to get in touch with us, nay join our proactive translators team, do not hesitate.